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August 11 2014

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Icecream selection @ Bacchanal Buffet
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Oops, we did it again
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Gathering secret intel during the black bag challenge @ DC22
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Ooops, there was a sign?
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We had a white Pickup sighting, and yes, it went into the Base
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We stayed with the Aliens
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The infamous black mailbox
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... and provides unique services
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Local business adapts to the location
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On our way to outer space
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to STOP or not to STOP?
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Network connections are not the best out here
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A friendly state trooper chatted with us about the local speed limit.
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Only in Amercia: Microwave Bacon. It's so wrong, I had to try it.
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Do you even understand how it works?
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GJ Makerspace also took part in the DARPA grand challenge
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The people at GJ Makerspace are building robots with 3D-Printed gears
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It's a geek thing to do... :-)
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Our high-efficiency car... (on the way down)
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