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August 08 2016

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Implementing a CAN man in the middle on the car hacking village badge...
Tags: defcon
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There are even worse BTLE locks than the ones we looked at... (blurred for security)
Tags: defcon
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Hacker Jeopardy had some open seats... probably take a year off like those german guys?
Tags: defcon

August 07 2016

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Badges aquired after day 1... Yes, the car hacking one has an OBD connector...
Tags: defcon
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OPEN (by power analysis)
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Spoofing the RF remote of our Palazzo Suite's electric curtains using Gnuradio...
Tags: defcon
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Looking from the Moon Pyramid towards the Sun Pyramid...
Tags: mexico
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more Pokemons...
Tags: mexico
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old aztec pokemons or something...
Tags: Mexico
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August 06 2016

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Place of the three cultures... Can't the the third? It's the modern concrete building on the back...
Tags: mexico

August 05 2016

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arriving from cuba you actually appreciate the clody sky of Mexico City...
Tags: mexico

August 02 2016

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The authentic way to leave Cuba: in a 1953 Pontiac. Ok, with some electronic mods, original instruments were dead...
Tags: cuba

July 31 2016

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Bahamas vs Cuba: Parrot vs Peacock in the Hotel
5539 1234 500
You can have a full dinner for two persons incl. several drinks around 9 CUC (about $9) - and that wasn't even especially cheap.
5537 b507 500
Evening in Havanna
5535 5ced 500
Welcome to Cuba...
5523 b84c 500
Cuban breakfast buffet...

July 29 2016

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Last Picture of Cuban Air Flight CU251... sell this to the media when we disappear from radar...
Tags: bahamas
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Beach on Paradise island... nice white sand, blue water, palms - paradise...
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But also the water at the beach is nice...
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