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August 11 2014

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Spot our highest geocache so far (GC7DBB)
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America even has a drive-in Mountain. A height of ~4300m requires its own warning sign @Mount Evans

August 09 2014

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DenHac has built a nice 3x4 Video Wall
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Spot the second Cache of the day (GC129T7)
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Spot the Geocache (GC4JJ5W)
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Does Des Moines sculpture park have a cryptographic message?
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Our r0ket even has fans in the US :-)
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A noisy project from Chicago's Pumping Station: one
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this TechShop also has a huge Water jet cutter. (They told us, there might be a TechShop opening in Munich soon)
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We found another scanning electron microscope @ TechShop in Detroit. This is their Sputter Coating machine for it.
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August 06 2014

QC CoLab's display from the outside
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QC CoLab built a nice blinkenlights display from pixel-addressable rgb christmas lights
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Who you gonna call?
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The dymaxion house is smart! (Sorry for the blur)

August 05 2014

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Five great advancements for society? - As seen @ Henry Ford Museum

August 03 2014

UnLab independently built a floppy music player similar to kiu's rumblerail in µc³
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They didn't have to use it yet @
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We felt right at home @
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Snapshot from the Site3 coLab
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